Saturday, March 17, 2012

National Quilting Day

It would be wrong of me not to post on my quilting blog on National Quilting Day so I've thrown together a little something here to shock and awe.

Last weekend was the Jackson's Mill Quilt retreat.  I had a fantastic time and I promise a post dedicated solely to that sometime this weekend.  Real life intervened when I got home and between work, physical therapy and doctors visits ... and my secret project ... I've hardly slowed down 10 minutes.

Today I plan to visit my local quilt shop, Quilts by Phyllis, and pick up a few 30's fat quarters to work with.

So on to my "secret project" ... I have to say I'm so proud of myself for not spilling the beans on this one.  This has been in the works for several weeks and I've not uttered much of a peep about it which is completely unlike me because this project has to do with something else I'm passionate about ... tattoos. 

So in honor of National Quilting day I'm proud to unveil the first of three sittings for my new tattoo .....

Two things near and dear to my heart ... Simba (at the top) and my Singer

Yes, I'm crazy .... yes, it's huge .... and YES, I LOVE IT!!

Happy National Quilting Day, Folks!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Cuttin' Fool

I'm cutting fast and furious!!  I'm about half way through my quilt for this weekend!

Wish me luck!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

International Quilt Show - Cincinnati

I finally got my confirmation today for the classes I registered for at the International Quilt Show in Cincinnati next month!  I'll be taking two classes taught by Cindy Blackberg on hand piecing.  I'm very excited.  I'm hoping I like it and can do it fairly well.  It would be nice to be able to have small projects to take with me places to work on.

Carpenter's Star class today was good.  I learned that I've never put borders on a quilt properly and that putting them on properly takes more time.  Needless to say I didn't finish today.  I've got one more border to put on then I'm done.  And since I didn't finish that quilt, I didn't get the Spiced Apple quilt done today either.  So much for that plan.  They will get done after Jackson's Mill now. 

Tomorrow .... I cut.

Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Been a While

Real life has intruded in upon my "Quilting Life" and I haven't had much to post about for quite some time.  I've been cutting fabric.  I'm in the process of cutting out two "45 & Life to Go" quilts for the Jackson's Mill Quilt retreat next weekend.  I've got to cut mine and my friend Debbie's.  So I've still got a little bit of work cut out for me, but I anticipate having in done some time Sunday.

Today I sewed my strips together for the "45" quilt:

I'm using my Featherweight and I love it!!  After I got them all sewed up, it was time to cut them apart again:

So now they are all in baggies and ready to go for next week!

Tomorrow I have Part 2 of my Carpenter's Star class.  I should finish that quilt tomorrow and hopefully the Spiced Apple quilt too!