Monday, December 31, 2012

Easy Street Part 7

Happy New Year Y'all!!

When I woke up this morning I quickly grabbed my phone to read what Bonnie had posted for us.  And mistakenly I thought that it was going to be another quick one so I procrastinated long enough that I didn't get quite done before I left for New Year's dinner with my Hubby.

First I sewed the geese to the background blocks:

Step One: Geese & Backgrounds

That wasn't so bad.  Then I did the 4 triangle sections that will possibly be the quilt corners .... I guess we'll find out for sure tomorrow!

Step Two: Smaller Triangles

Next I started on the second set of triangles we were to assemble.  For some reason I had a horrible time getting started on these.  I laid the pieces out and then rearranged them again, again.  I'm not really sure what my problem was, but once I got over it, it actually went pretty smooth and quick. My husband came upstairs to check on the progress and actually set up a second table for me.  With all the pieces it actually helped.  That may have been what got me over my issue laying out pieces.

Step Three: Larger Triangles

I got six done before we left for dinner.  So six more tomorrow.  When I originally read the directions this morning, I didn't realize we were making12 of these.  I guess that's why I waited so long to get with it today.  You can see all the remaining pieces up in the corner.  We barely made a dent in them!!

I'm anxious to see what tomorrow holds and sad at the same time that this Mystery Quilt is coming to an end.  It's been a lot of fun and I will be counting the days until next year's!!

On a side note, today is my Toby's Birthday.  Toby Touch-Me-Not is his registered name .... and it is SO fitting!  He's my boy, but very intolerant of everybody else.  I love him and his bad attitude though!!

Here he is posing for the camera.  He's the handsome gray boy on the left.  He wants you to ignore the spotlight hogs on the right.  Those would be Lexie and Harley.  Happy Birthday, Toby!! 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Easy Street Part 6

I finished up Part 6 of Easy Street today finally.  It's been a busy weekend so far.  I made it to the quilt shop on Friday to get the finishing fabric for Susan & Greg's memory quilt and then delivered a baby blanket to my husband's second cousin.  Today I had some house chores to do before sewing.  If only I could afford a maid so I could sit and sew while they cleaned!

Here are my 128 blocks:

128 Background Blocks
I really hope we are about done with the backgrounds because this is all I have left:

Leftover Backgrounds

I had miss cut some pieces and even sewed those back together and re-cut the pieces to the correct sizes.  Hey it's a scrappy quilt, I figured it would be fine.  But even with doing that, this is all that is left.  It's a good thing I didn't just re-cut new pieces!!

I also did the "bonus" assignment:

Step 6 Bonus Triangles
I sat everything out together and we really have been busy!  Look at all of this:

Easy Street Progress through Part 6

I'm excited that we are going to get another clue on New Year's Day!  I hope we start assembling blocks soon!

Before I shut up shop for the day, I did one more block for the Modern Half Square Triangle Quilt-a-long. This is Block 4:

Block 4 Modern HST Quilt-a-long

Then after dinner I sat down to finish the binding on a quilt that I am giving as a gift tomorrow.  I know ... last minute.  I seem to work best under pressure!  And of course I had help!  I'm proud to say that this blanket has passed inspection and has been designated kitty approved!!

The Khaleesi & Nala Stamp of Approval
And now of course the quilt is going through the dryer real quick to get the hair off.  I know not everyone appreciates my babies' hair like I do!  I hope to get some hand sewing in tomorrow and maybe a little cutting.  We'll see what I can get in to.  My Holiday Break is quickly coming to an end and that makes me sad. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Teal, Teal Everywhere!!

So yesterday I was a busy little bee making half square triangles for the Modern HST Quilt-A-Long.  I selected 20 fat quarters of teals to use in this quilt.  I made two sheets of HSTs from each fabric for a grand total of 240.  That will get me started at least.

Cutting Teals
I'm really liking the Triangulations papers.  I've used both the cheap paper that I got at the Dollar Store and just regular copy paper.  Both seemed to work fine.  The only thing I did different for the regular paper was increase the number of stitches per inch to make it easier to rip. 

Triangulations Paper
Stacks and stacks of HST!!

One of the HST Stacks
I spent last night cutting those all apart and cutting off the tips.  So this morning I was ready to go!

240 HSTs

I was going to iron them all open, but I decided I wanted to get started so I elected to only do a few so I could get started.  I was anxious to get some blocks together!  

But before I got started I decided to put a seam guide on my machine.  I bought one of the seam guide rulers from Bonnie Hunter and had been meaning to pick up something to use stick on my machine to sew up against.  Then I bought a Guidelines 4 Quilting Ruler set and it came with these handy little adhesive guides as seen below.  It "seams" to work great!!

Seam Guide
I took it for a test run on my Modern HST blocks.  Here are my first three:

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Next I decided to work on Susan & Greg's Memory Quilt.  I've gotten every thing that I can put together now.  That means I need to go to the quilt store to get the background and borders.  I should be able to finish it up over my break if I can get there.

Memory Quilt

Is anyone else excited for the new Easy Street clue tomorrow morning??  I'm toying with setting alarm!!  Bring it on!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Easy Street Part 5

I finished Easy Street Part 5 today.  I'm anxious for the next part!!!  You can check out every body's progress HERE.

Easy Street Part 5

And I've been looking at this and resisting, but I finally broke!  I'm going to make this quilt:

Modern Half Square Triangle Quilt-a-Long

The picture is a screen capture from my phone so I apologize for it not looking so great.  It's over on Knit 'n Lit's Blog.  She posts one block per week and it goes for 72 weeks.  I think they are on week 16, so I've got a bit to do to get caught up.  I decided to make it scrappy teal and white.  I blame Bonnie Hunter for this.  LOL  I've never really used a lot of teal fabric until her Mystery Quilt and I'm kind of hooked on it right now. I've also never really done scrappy, but I'm kind of hooked on that as well.

Since it's all half square triangles, I was about to order Star Singles or Thangles.  I never have the size I need it seems.  So after doing a little research, I decided to buy the Triangulations program.  Now I will have just the size I need.  All I will have to do is print them!  I went and bought some really cheap paper at the dollar store to use to print them on so it would rip easier and it works great!  Here are some of the HSTs I made today:

Modern Half Square Triangle Quilt-a-Long

 As soon as I get enough variety I'll start making blocks.

And now Nala and I wish you a very Merry Christmas.  She's watching for Santa while I mess on this computer!  Good Night, Folks!

Nala Keeps an Eye Out for Santas Bearing Gifts of Tuna

Saturday, December 22, 2012

No More Scorched Mats

My Nellie's Nine Patch from the Simply Charming book finally got quilted and bound.  And now it's happily hanging in my cubicle at work.  It makes me happy.  

Nellie's Nine Patch

Nellie's Nine Patch

 I need to bring some more in .... maybe they'll make me forget I'm at work all together.  LOL

Remember all the dreadful pictures of my ironing pad?  It got like that from taking classes.  The shop where I take most of my quilting classes has Oliso irons.  So after sewing there all day, I would come home and leave my Rowenta laying down like the Oliso.  It didn't work so well.  I actually ended up scorching a block for my Vintage Rouge quilt because I left it down thinking it would pop up and then got distracted.  Anyway, I found the perfect solution earlier this week ....  Ironing pad covers from the Quilt in a Day store!  They were on sale with free shipping so I ordered a couple (for when I scorch it again).  They fit like a glove!  I really like them and much cheaper than buying a new pad and a tighter fit than just wrapping some fresh muslin around it.

Quilt in a Day Ironing Mat Cover

 I started Easy Street Part 5.  I cut everything Friday morning before I did my usual errands.

 And then when I got back I started sewing on them.  

I haven't quite finished them yet.  I didn't get to sew today.  There were too many other things that needed to be done.  Hopefully I will have time tomorrow.  I can barely wait for next week's clue!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Easy Street Part 4

Another busy weekend .... and I'm still not ready for Christmas.  I guess I've got one more weekend.  I'm looking forward to having some time off ... to sew of course!

I had to run a few errands on Friday, but once I got home I immediately got started on Part 4.  

Purple and Teal Geese

There's nothing that makes me happier than throwing my slivers on the floor.  I'm not sure why that makes me so happy, but it does!!  I guess I think I'm Eleanor Burns or something!

Scraps on the Floor

It didn't take long to get all those geese pieced together and then joined with the other geese:

Combined Geese Units

It was exciting to start putting some of the pieces together.   This is the first time I've ever done a Mystery Quilt and it's a lot of fun!! And of course I went ahead and did the "bonus" cutting assignment!  I've been dying to get in there and cut up those greens!

Green Squares
You can check out everybodys progress through the links on Bonnie's website HERE.

I worked some on Susan & Greg's quilt too.  I started sewing strips to make 9-patches and then cut them back into smaller units to make 3-patch strips to sew together.

3-Patch Strips

I made 36 9-patches, but I realized as I was picking up that I needed four more for the corners.  I guess I'll do those next weekend.


I went ahead and started sewing the signature blocks together.  If I ever do this quilt again I think I will paper piece the signature blocks so they are exact.  I'm not a perfect sewer by any means. 

Signature Blocks

I think it will turn out pretty good.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Easy Street Part 3

I was a little afraid that I wouldn't get this week's installment done, but I did.  I started cutting Friday before I left for my MRI for my foot.  I got everything cut except my background triangles.  I did get the strips cut for those though.  Here's everything after I got through cutting.  I've really got to cover that pressing mat!

Easy Street Part 3 Pieces

Saturday, I had a few things to do around the house, but I knocked out my 64 (plus a few) blocks in just a couple hours:

Easy Street Part 3 Blocks

And of course I cut the tiny little bonus assignment:

I'm really liking these color combinations.  I'll add the link Monday for the Link Up to Bonnie's Blog. Check out what every one else is doing on Easy Street HERE at Bonnie's Blog!

I also dug out Susan & Greg's Memory quilt and started working on laying it out .... I would like to get it to the quilter by the first of the year if I can swing it.

I started piecing the 9-patches that go with these blocks.  I'm using Jo Morton's pattern. It's going to be slightly bigger though than what the pattern calls for.  I may have to make a trip to the quilts store to get some more backgrounds and a couple of borders.  Maybe I can squeeze that in next weekend but there's a lot that needs to be done around my house for Christmas.  We'll just have to see how it all plays out.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wild Geese

I couldn't resist sharing this:

Do you see that purple Goose Point in my car!!  I really did get them everywhere!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Easy Street Part 2

It's been an extremely busy weekend.  Friday, Bonnie posted Part 2 for Easy Street and I immediately began cutting before I left to run my errands for the afternoon.

Companion Angle Ruler

Easy Angle Ruler
I really like using these two rulers.  I've owned them forever and never used them until I took a class from Bonnie Hunter at the beginning of November.  I can see me using them on a regular basis from now on.  I managed to get everything cut Friday before I left and few geese sewn.  Our assignment was to make 128 purple geese.

Saturday, I had my last Vintage Rouge class.  I failed to take any pictures.  My progress has been rather underwhelming anyway.  I do intend to try and finish it before the first of the year.  It will be ready for next Christmas.  I'll post a few pictures when I get it out and really work on it.  I finished class at Noon and then set out on a local Christmas Shop Hop with my friend, Debbie.  It was fun.  The quilt was cute.  I bought more fabric than I needed.  

Here's a sample from one of the shops of how they presented the blocks:

Shop Hop Quilt from Sew Many Blessings

It's a cute little quilt, but as usual, the kits from each shop don't blend well together.  One kit was actually short on fabric and one other kit had some really bad fabric in it that is going immediately to my scrap bag.  I'm not sure why they can't pick a fabric line for these things and stick to it so we don't throw money down the drain.  I'll probably pick one of the fabric lines used and then replace the fabric in the other kits.  More $$$. 

I didn't sew any on Easy Street Saturday night .... I'm coming down with a cold and well, I just didn't feel like sewing.  

Sunday however I hit the machine hard and heavy!  And when I started feeling bad .... a little hot toddy spurred me on ... and it really did help my throat. 

Geese, Geese, & More Geese ... And a Hot Toddy!
I'm proud to say I got all 128 geese done .... plus a few extra for good measure!

Finished Purple Geese

The pile doesn't look so big in the picture!  But I promise you they are all there.  In addition to this, Bonnie told us if we "needed" more to do, then we could go ahead and cut 64 - 2" X 3.5" rectangles from the background fabric.  I cut a few extra just to be safe .... but I did that too!

Background Rectangles

You can check out every one's progress this week on Easy Street by clicking here:  Easy Street Monday Link-Up 2!

As I looked down at my slippers before I shut my eyes last night, this is what I saw:

Those are geese points in my slippers!!  LOL  They are all over the house now!

Bring on Part 3!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Easy Street Part 1

Amazingly, today I finished all 192 4-patches!!  Go me!!  Below I'm chaining away .... it seemed endless at the time.  But it went by pretty fast.  I see in the picture my ironing mat is getting pretty nasty looking.  I guess I'll need to cover that with some fresh muslin.

Chain Piecing

My finger got a little sore swirling the centers.  I guess I press too hard.  But it is amazing how fast things go when you get organized and do things consistently.  I think I only fed one or two through the machine the  wrong way and it made swirling much, much easier.

But here's the final results:

192 4-Patches

I hope I am able to keep up!!  I'm anxious for Part 2 so I can get cutting!! 

And since I was on a roll, I put the binding on a couple of quilts.  One that I plan to give as a Christmas present this year, but here's a peak:

Not much given away in that picture!!  Now I'm sitting with my puppy dogs, updating my blog and doing a little stitching on the Hexies.  Tomorrow ... back to work.  

Mercedes, Harley, and Toby

Home Front Hexies

Updated on 11/26/12:  You can check out everyone's progress this week on Easy Street by clicking here:  Easy Street Monday Link-Up 1