Thursday, December 27, 2012

Teal, Teal Everywhere!!

So yesterday I was a busy little bee making half square triangles for the Modern HST Quilt-A-Long.  I selected 20 fat quarters of teals to use in this quilt.  I made two sheets of HSTs from each fabric for a grand total of 240.  That will get me started at least.

Cutting Teals
I'm really liking the Triangulations papers.  I've used both the cheap paper that I got at the Dollar Store and just regular copy paper.  Both seemed to work fine.  The only thing I did different for the regular paper was increase the number of stitches per inch to make it easier to rip. 

Triangulations Paper
Stacks and stacks of HST!!

One of the HST Stacks
I spent last night cutting those all apart and cutting off the tips.  So this morning I was ready to go!

240 HSTs

I was going to iron them all open, but I decided I wanted to get started so I elected to only do a few so I could get started.  I was anxious to get some blocks together!  

But before I got started I decided to put a seam guide on my machine.  I bought one of the seam guide rulers from Bonnie Hunter and had been meaning to pick up something to use stick on my machine to sew up against.  Then I bought a Guidelines 4 Quilting Ruler set and it came with these handy little adhesive guides as seen below.  It "seams" to work great!!

Seam Guide
I took it for a test run on my Modern HST blocks.  Here are my first three:

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Next I decided to work on Susan & Greg's Memory Quilt.  I've gotten every thing that I can put together now.  That means I need to go to the quilt store to get the background and borders.  I should be able to finish it up over my break if I can get there.

Memory Quilt

Is anyone else excited for the new Easy Street clue tomorrow morning??  I'm toying with setting alarm!!  Bring it on!!

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