Sunday, December 30, 2012

Easy Street Part 6

I finished up Part 6 of Easy Street today finally.  It's been a busy weekend so far.  I made it to the quilt shop on Friday to get the finishing fabric for Susan & Greg's memory quilt and then delivered a baby blanket to my husband's second cousin.  Today I had some house chores to do before sewing.  If only I could afford a maid so I could sit and sew while they cleaned!

Here are my 128 blocks:

128 Background Blocks
I really hope we are about done with the backgrounds because this is all I have left:

Leftover Backgrounds

I had miss cut some pieces and even sewed those back together and re-cut the pieces to the correct sizes.  Hey it's a scrappy quilt, I figured it would be fine.  But even with doing that, this is all that is left.  It's a good thing I didn't just re-cut new pieces!!

I also did the "bonus" assignment:

Step 6 Bonus Triangles
I sat everything out together and we really have been busy!  Look at all of this:

Easy Street Progress through Part 6

I'm excited that we are going to get another clue on New Year's Day!  I hope we start assembling blocks soon!

Before I shut up shop for the day, I did one more block for the Modern Half Square Triangle Quilt-a-long. This is Block 4:

Block 4 Modern HST Quilt-a-long

Then after dinner I sat down to finish the binding on a quilt that I am giving as a gift tomorrow.  I know ... last minute.  I seem to work best under pressure!  And of course I had help!  I'm proud to say that this blanket has passed inspection and has been designated kitty approved!!

The Khaleesi & Nala Stamp of Approval
And now of course the quilt is going through the dryer real quick to get the hair off.  I know not everyone appreciates my babies' hair like I do!  I hope to get some hand sewing in tomorrow and maybe a little cutting.  We'll see what I can get in to.  My Holiday Break is quickly coming to an end and that makes me sad. 


  1. I'm hoping that's the end of the backgrounds, too, because I've used up all my favourite black & white ones.

    It is a lot of pieces when you see them all together like that! Mine are in brown paper bags, so I can't actually see any of them without unpacking them. Only a day or so until we get the next instructions - it's exciting!

  2. Your pieces look great. I know I can't wait till tomorrow either bummer is I have to work! Sad break is over as well!