Monday, December 31, 2012

Easy Street Part 7

Happy New Year Y'all!!

When I woke up this morning I quickly grabbed my phone to read what Bonnie had posted for us.  And mistakenly I thought that it was going to be another quick one so I procrastinated long enough that I didn't get quite done before I left for New Year's dinner with my Hubby.

First I sewed the geese to the background blocks:

Step One: Geese & Backgrounds

That wasn't so bad.  Then I did the 4 triangle sections that will possibly be the quilt corners .... I guess we'll find out for sure tomorrow!

Step Two: Smaller Triangles

Next I started on the second set of triangles we were to assemble.  For some reason I had a horrible time getting started on these.  I laid the pieces out and then rearranged them again, again.  I'm not really sure what my problem was, but once I got over it, it actually went pretty smooth and quick. My husband came upstairs to check on the progress and actually set up a second table for me.  With all the pieces it actually helped.  That may have been what got me over my issue laying out pieces.

Step Three: Larger Triangles

I got six done before we left for dinner.  So six more tomorrow.  When I originally read the directions this morning, I didn't realize we were making12 of these.  I guess that's why I waited so long to get with it today.  You can see all the remaining pieces up in the corner.  We barely made a dent in them!!

I'm anxious to see what tomorrow holds and sad at the same time that this Mystery Quilt is coming to an end.  It's been a lot of fun and I will be counting the days until next year's!!

On a side note, today is my Toby's Birthday.  Toby Touch-Me-Not is his registered name .... and it is SO fitting!  He's my boy, but very intolerant of everybody else.  I love him and his bad attitude though!!

Here he is posing for the camera.  He's the handsome gray boy on the left.  He wants you to ignore the spotlight hogs on the right.  Those would be Lexie and Harley.  Happy Birthday, Toby!! 

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