Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Easy Street Part 8

Today was the big reveal and I have to say I LOVED IT!!!  I can't wait to get this finished! First, I finished up my large triangles from yesterday. My plan was to make at least one Block A and one Block B today.  After I got my Block A done, I couldn't resist ... I had to go ahead and sew the setting triangles on and complete the quilt corner:

Block A Sewn in Place

Then, I did a little blog surfing and saw that a few people were kitting up their blocks.  That seemed like a good idea, so I set out to lay out each block and baggie them up.  I came up about 24 green 3.5" blocks short by the way.  I'm not sure if I made a cutting/counting error or if the pattern was off.  But now the blocks are all kitted up and ready to go.

Kitted Blocks and Setting Triangles

Next, I put together a Block B:

Block B

Here Block B is laying up against the corner I assembled:

Block B laying in Place

I'm really excited about finishing this quilt.  I hope I can keep up the momentum.  Sadly, I have to return to work tomorrow.  I guess I've got to pay for all this fabric some how!


  1. It looks fantastic!

    I've made a couple of each block, but haven't put them together yet. Yours makes me want to get back to the sewing machine.