Sunday, January 6, 2013

Easy Street Progress

Easy Street is turning in to Frustrating Street for me.  LOL The pile of blocks just doesn't seem to be getting smaller.  I swear they are reproducing while I'm asleep!


My day started off ripping.  I hate ripping.  I laid out the blocks to sew the next row and noticed that I had flipped some geese the wrong direction on one of the blocks.  I was going to just leave it, but I couldn't stand it and decided to make it right.  Anyway, I finally got the next row sewed together:

Row 3

I was feeling a little frustrated because I kept making mistakes. So I thought maybe a little break was in order.  I decided to put together the blocks for January for the Country Threads Sampler Quilt-a-Long:

January Country Threads Quilt-a-Long

The directions had us using rectangles and squares to make the geese, but I pulled out my handy Easy Angle Ruler and went to town.  Bonnie's influence is showing through!!

Then I put together two more blocks for the Modern Half Square Triangle Quilt-a-Long:

Block 7

Block 8

Then I went back to Easy Street.  I assembled the other corner then called it quits for the day:

Today's Progress

Baby steps .... I'll add the link to Bonnie's Link up HERE tomorrow.

And I can't resist posting a couple pictures my Hubby snapped of our Feline Children checking out my Easy Street progress:

Keira, Nala, & Khaleesi


That's it for this week probably.  I'm back to working 10-hour days tomorrow.


  1. Your colors mad placement are,beautiful. Keep at it. Little bits of,time,DO ADD UP!

  2. Hi Dee, I love the colors you're using in your Easy Street quilt so far! I just got your email about the Lucky Stars BOM, but your email address isn't associated with your Blogger account when you comment, so I couldn't email you back. Could you email me with your email address so I can look you up in the database and figure out why you haven't gotten your blocks? I'm so sorry about that, and want to get those out to you ASAP!

  3. At least you found your mistake before you put it all together. I found a 4-patch turned while I was quilting it.

  4. Your Easy Street is looking fantastic. There's a lot of sewing at the end but it is definitely worth it. Bonnie does great mysteries and it was a lot of fun working on this with quilters from all over the world.