Thursday, January 17, 2013

Home Front Hexies

Here's a little update on my Home Front Hexies.  This is my first attempt at working with paper piecing but I thought I'd participate in HELP for Hexie-aholics and link up my blog with everyone else because hey .... we all like to share our addictions!!  I love being able to take these with me where ever I go.  I can usually even get a little stitching in at work on breaks and lunch.  It's a great stress release for me.  I find this really relaxing.

Here's where I'm at:

I've also noticed that I seem to do this different than everyone else.  I learned to sew through the paper pieces and it doesn't seem that anyone else does that.  Maybe I need to refine my technique, but it seems to be working for me so far.  I remove the basting stitches and paper once a piece has a hexie or two around it. 

You can see where I've taken the basting out of the red rosette.

No real plan for this other than to make rosettes until I run out of that fabric and then use the black to fill in to make whatever size I end up with.  Wall hanging?  Lap quilt?  I'm not sure yet. 


  1. I sew through the papers also. I learned to do it that way and have made two quilts using that method. Works for me.

    1. I like doing it that way. I've watched a video for the other method and I'm not sure I'd like doing it that way.

  2. I was taught to sew through the papers, but I stopped doing it once I tried the method I use now. I only sew in the seam allowances now, and leave that stitching in even once the papers are out.

    Your flowers look lovely with the black background.

  3. I kinda taught myself so I left out the sewing thru the papers. I do advocate using tiny binder clips to hold the paper in place after the first fold. I did have problems before I started using the clips. No matter what...use the method that you enjoy as I have yet to meet hexie police :)