Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tuesday Evening Quilt-Cam

Last night I treated myself to a little "Bonnie Time".  I picked up my tablet and headed to my sewing room with my Kitties and Hubby to watch Quilt-Cam and work on cutting Lazy Sunday.  Seemed like a good way to kick back and relax to me!  Hubby played a game on his phone but he was listening because I caught him laughing a couple of times at stuff Bonnie was saying.  He's a good sport and I'm lucky to have him!

I tried out the new ruler in the picture.  I'm still in search of that perfect cut.  The jury is still out on wether or not it worked better than my June Tailor strip rulers.  I guess I'll know for sure once I start sewing.  Here I'm cutting 3.5" strips to use to make Unit 1 for Lazy Sunday.  Bonnie is sewing away in the background.

I managed to get quite a few cut.  I probably won't get to sew any though until Thursday night.  That's my plan anyway to sew during Quilt-Cam Thursday.

And since the iron was nice and hot and steamy .... I decided I'd fuse my wool to this little project I started:

Old Glory Gatherings Sheep Quilt
Now I just need to do the hand stitching and decide how to quilt it.  I think it's pretty cute myself!

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