Saturday, December 22, 2012

No More Scorched Mats

My Nellie's Nine Patch from the Simply Charming book finally got quilted and bound.  And now it's happily hanging in my cubicle at work.  It makes me happy.  

Nellie's Nine Patch

Nellie's Nine Patch

 I need to bring some more in .... maybe they'll make me forget I'm at work all together.  LOL

Remember all the dreadful pictures of my ironing pad?  It got like that from taking classes.  The shop where I take most of my quilting classes has Oliso irons.  So after sewing there all day, I would come home and leave my Rowenta laying down like the Oliso.  It didn't work so well.  I actually ended up scorching a block for my Vintage Rouge quilt because I left it down thinking it would pop up and then got distracted.  Anyway, I found the perfect solution earlier this week ....  Ironing pad covers from the Quilt in a Day store!  They were on sale with free shipping so I ordered a couple (for when I scorch it again).  They fit like a glove!  I really like them and much cheaper than buying a new pad and a tighter fit than just wrapping some fresh muslin around it.

Quilt in a Day Ironing Mat Cover

 I started Easy Street Part 5.  I cut everything Friday morning before I did my usual errands.

 And then when I got back I started sewing on them.  

I haven't quite finished them yet.  I didn't get to sew today.  There were too many other things that needed to be done.  Hopefully I will have time tomorrow.  I can barely wait for next week's clue!

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  1. Love your little quilt, they are so much fun to make!!!

    :) Carolyn