Monday, December 3, 2012

Easy Street Part 2

It's been an extremely busy weekend.  Friday, Bonnie posted Part 2 for Easy Street and I immediately began cutting before I left to run my errands for the afternoon.

Companion Angle Ruler

Easy Angle Ruler
I really like using these two rulers.  I've owned them forever and never used them until I took a class from Bonnie Hunter at the beginning of November.  I can see me using them on a regular basis from now on.  I managed to get everything cut Friday before I left and few geese sewn.  Our assignment was to make 128 purple geese.

Saturday, I had my last Vintage Rouge class.  I failed to take any pictures.  My progress has been rather underwhelming anyway.  I do intend to try and finish it before the first of the year.  It will be ready for next Christmas.  I'll post a few pictures when I get it out and really work on it.  I finished class at Noon and then set out on a local Christmas Shop Hop with my friend, Debbie.  It was fun.  The quilt was cute.  I bought more fabric than I needed.  

Here's a sample from one of the shops of how they presented the blocks:

Shop Hop Quilt from Sew Many Blessings

It's a cute little quilt, but as usual, the kits from each shop don't blend well together.  One kit was actually short on fabric and one other kit had some really bad fabric in it that is going immediately to my scrap bag.  I'm not sure why they can't pick a fabric line for these things and stick to it so we don't throw money down the drain.  I'll probably pick one of the fabric lines used and then replace the fabric in the other kits.  More $$$. 

I didn't sew any on Easy Street Saturday night .... I'm coming down with a cold and well, I just didn't feel like sewing.  

Sunday however I hit the machine hard and heavy!  And when I started feeling bad .... a little hot toddy spurred me on ... and it really did help my throat. 

Geese, Geese, & More Geese ... And a Hot Toddy!
I'm proud to say I got all 128 geese done .... plus a few extra for good measure!

Finished Purple Geese

The pile doesn't look so big in the picture!  But I promise you they are all there.  In addition to this, Bonnie told us if we "needed" more to do, then we could go ahead and cut 64 - 2" X 3.5" rectangles from the background fabric.  I cut a few extra just to be safe .... but I did that too!

Background Rectangles

You can check out every one's progress this week on Easy Street by clicking here:  Easy Street Monday Link-Up 2!

As I looked down at my slippers before I shut my eyes last night, this is what I saw:

Those are geese points in my slippers!!  LOL  They are all over the house now!

Bring on Part 3!!


  1. So darn cute! Easy Street is coming along. Cute slippers too.

  2. Love the geese in your slippers! I think a lot of us quilters end up with all kinds of strange pieces in our slippers and stuck to our socks! Great looking geese!

  3. Great Geese...I think I'll try a toddy too! Good Idea :)

  4. ha ha, love the slippers, love the geese and glad you felt better after a little while.