Friday, June 14, 2013

Feline Friday -- The Canine Edition

Today's Feline Friday post has been hijacked by a dog!

The canine portion of our family is feeling neglected.  And ... being the little Diva that she is .... she is going to be the first "guest" dog on Feline Friday.

Please meet Harley Divason .... yes that's her registered name.  We usually refer to her as "The Har".  Harley is my crazy little Papillon.  And yes, she truly is crazy.  She says quirky, but trust me, it's crazy. 
This picture was from Bark in the Park.  Our local minor league baseball team sponsors one night each season that you can bring your dogs to the game.  Harley attended with her pack mates, Lexie and Teddy. She did fine except for when a strange lady tried to pet her.  The Har wanted no part of that.  When will people understand that she's only to be touched by her "staff"?

Most of the time Miss Harley sports a pink stripe in her tail and pink toe nails.  Pink is her signature color.  She has several pink dresses and coats and she loves wearing them.  She loves going to the spa and having her "hair" done.  She considers our groomer, Gayle, as part of her staff so she's OK with spa days.
Notice the pink feather in her hair above .... her alter ego is Lola (she's a show girl) .... and if you sing Copacabana to her, she'll prance around.  She is a true little diva and I love this little doggie with all my heart.  She's one of the two family princesses. 

Oh and Har wants me to add that she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her kitties.  They are the best playmates ever!  She especially loves that little spotted one! They play tag all the time.  She says that not all of the kitties appreciate her willingness to play, but those Bengals really do! She's sure that eventually that big, black kitty will learn and quit hissing at her and smacking her on the nose!

Happy Feline Friday, Y'all!!

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