Friday, September 27, 2013

Feline Friday for Roxy

Today, the Felines in our family ... Neela, Nala, Khaleesi & Keira ... as well as our Canine family members ... Lexie, Dakota, Harley, Teddy, Toby & Mercedes ... would like to dedicate our Feline Friday post to our Canine friend, Roxy. We are all asking that you say a little prayer for the Roxer.

Wednesday evening Roxy was viciously attacked by a family member's dog.  The more the vet shaved the more they found.  She ended up with 4 drains, stitches and of course a round of antibiotics and pain medication.
This image just breaks my heart!  She's a sweet little girl and certainly didn't deserve this.  I am happy to report though that today she is feeling a little better.

The owner of the dog that attacked Roxy is claiming that it was Roxy's fault because she growled.  Wow ... growled.  I wonder if she realizes how ridiculous that sounds.  I have six dogs.  They growl at each other all the time.  Not ever have we had something happen like the image above.  This is an aggressive dog that did this.  That's the bottom line. 

My point here is that dog owners MUST be responsible for their pets AND their behavior.  If one of my dogs had viciously attacked another dog I would be first to take that other dog to the vet and pay their vet bills.  Not to mention how heart broken I would be that it had happened in the first place.  

What the owner of the dog that attacked Roxy doens't understand is how lucky she is.  Yes, lucky.  Because if her dog had done that to one of my dogs and she offered no remorse like she has, she would find herself with charges filed against her for having a vicious animal.  Usually that follows with the destruction of the animal that attacked.  Even saying things like that is hard for me because obviously I'm an animal nut, but vicious, out of control animals can't be tolerated.  What if a child had growled at the dog just wanting to play and that dog attacked that child like it did Roxy?  What if indeed?

It's all about responsibility.  We have a generation of young people coming up who don't seem to  understand the meaning of that word at all.  In the case of pet ownership, your not just responsible for your actions, but also your pet's.  Taking responsibly for a wrong doing can go a long way to healing the emotional wounds.  If the other dog had received bite wounds like Roxy's then we would be calling this a dog fight not an attack and that would be a different story. A growl should not provoke the attack that caused the wounds you see above.

This has just been eating at me.  I've felt so bad and powerless to do anything since this happened and just kept thinking, "What if it happened to one of my sweet babies?"

So send some healing Corgi vibes out for Roxy and pray for her family to find forgiveness and peace in an unfortunate situation.  I know it would be the forgiveness and peace part that would be hard for me.  

And ... at least we can be thankful that this beautiful little baby will eventually physically be OK. And because of that we can still say:

Happy Feline Friday, Y'all!


  1. I followed your post here from Tales of Teach. You are so right in all you stated. What is scary is that this will most likely happen again, the dog that did this is like a time bomb & you will never know what might set him off again. A growl should not make a dog attack, the dog that did this has no bite control, a very scary dog indeed.
    so sad for everyone , hope Roxy continues to feel better

  2. a late comer to your blog, and so hoping that Roxy has healed. Gentle loving scratches behind a left ear from me.

    1. I'm pleased to be able to say that sweet little Roxy has made a full recovery and her hair is even starting to grow back in!!