Sunday, December 22, 2013

Celtic Sollstice Part 4

I finished Part 4 on Friday.  I love making 4 patches so I jumped right on it and knocked them all out:
As you can see, I finally ended up with red and pink together.  I like how the 4 patches look ... I just hope I like how they look in the assembled quilt!  

I managed to get all the rest of the half square triangles sewed from Part 3 as well:
I just need to sew that pile on the left into 24 more pinwheels.  I did not touch the chevrons from Part 2.  I really hate making them.  I need to get at least a few more done before the next clue comes out on Friday.

I worked some more on Pinwheel Parade too and either the pattern is wrong, or I really screwed up somewhere.  I emailed the author of the pattern and I'm waiting to hear what the verdict is.  I've got all the pinwheel half square triangles together and trimmed.  I just need to get them sewn into pinwheels. 
Plus I started on the 9 patches that will make up the border of the quilt. Just like 4 patches, I love making 9 patches too. 
I'm slowly getting caught up on Bonnie's mystery.  I've seen some "guesses" on Facebook as to what the blocks/quilt may look like.  So far I've liked everything I've seen. 

Check out every one else's progress HERE.


  1. That pink and red together looks good!

  2. I love seeing everyone's guesses even though rarely does anyone get it right! :)

  3. I also enjoy seeing people's guesses, but I haven't seen any yet this year that have the correct numbers of each part in their block, or that leave space for whatever the next clue will be. There has to be more because there is a lot of blue we haven't used.