Sunday, December 15, 2013

Celtic Solstice Part 3

This mystery is kicking my butt!!  I can't seem to get caught up on the steps.  Friday I went ahead and cut Part 3 using the Easy Angle Ruler:
I'm still sewing Part 2.  I don't think I'm even half way done with it.  It's become very time consuming.  Here's the few I've gotten done and the one "test" block from Part 3.  They are already bagged waiting for the the rest of their mates:
The pile of chevron parts just doesn't seem to be shrinking at all:
I have to admit ... I'm growing tired of marking those little squares for the chevrons.  I think that's why I've only been doing a few at a time.  As a matter of fact today I stopped and started chain piecing the half square triangles for Part 3:
I'd say I'm about half way through my bag of these little babies.  Then I got sidetracked by this cute little block:
This is the first block in a quilt called "Pinwheel Parade".  This is going to be a baby blanket for my friend, Susan's baby, Madalynn.  Pinwheel Parade is a free pattern from Jo's Country Junction. You can find it HERE if you are interested.  It's a cute little quilt made with two charm packs. This baby will have plenty of blankets!  She is surrounded by quilters, crocheters, and knitters!!  

So this week I'll be doing a little more of this:
And hopefully by the time Bonnie posts Part 4 on Friday I'll at least have either Part 2 or Part 3 done. I'd much rather only be one part behind than two .... but we'll see. 

Check out everyone else's progress HERE on Bonnie's Blog.

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  1. My mystery colours look similar to yours...this is so fun!