Friday, December 27, 2013

Feline Friday

Today's blog post is about the love story between a Bengal Kitty named Keira and a ragged Halloween collar. 

Our youngest, Keira, has a strangely cool "Bengal Habit".  She likes to play fetch ... but it's just not with any toy, it's with a collar.  She goes nuts over her collar.  Some days I find it in the water bowl or sometimes in the food bowl.  I guess she figures it needs to be fed and watered. Sometimes it disappears for days only to reappear usually in the food bowl.  Keira even talks to her collar.  She'll meow and chirp at it.  It's a hoot! She carries it around with her and drops it at your feet when she wants attention.

Then one day our big boy Dakota stole the collar and chewed it almost in half!  It was a tragic day in the Begley household for sure.
My crafty husband was able to mend the collar:
Then we decided that we would get a tag for Keira's collar so the dogs would know for sure it was not their toy because all dogs can read, right?
And of course me handling the collar and trying to take pictures of it for today's blog post drove Keira crazy and she finally just came and took it from me:
And that folks is the story of a Bengal Cat and her collar!

Happy Feline Friday, Y'all!!

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  1. What an adorable story! My Squeaky will carry most any of her toys around the house but I think 95% of the time she only talks to the fishes. I know if I'm in bed and hear her talking that I will find a toy in the hallway the next morning. I just adore when she leaves a toy on the couch for me =^..^=