Friday, February 7, 2014

Feline Friday


As you may or may not know, I'm an engineer and QA/QC is part of my daily language.  QA/QC is Quality Assurance and Quality Control.  This is an important part of any project ... including making a quilt.

Luckily, I have four of the MOST highly qualified QA/QC quilt engineers living in my house:

This is Khaleesi testing one of baby Madalynn's quilt.  She passed it with flying colors! Later it even passed the critical sleep test.  Khaleesi says this blanket will be perfect for many warm snugly naps for baby Madalynn!
And here, as you can see, Nala is passing this quilt for the ever so critical sleep test.  Nala is one of my senior QA/QC Engineers.  Later, as can be seen below, she had Khaleesi try it out just to make sure she knew what she was doing.  Training the younger generation is very important.  Neela (at the top) is observing.  She prefers to do her work on fleece blankets as you can see.

I can't leave out Keira, I have no photographic evidence of her inspection because it's Keira's job to inspect the backside.  She tasks herself with crawling under each one and inspecting each stitch.  Often times it interferes with the sleep testing that may be occurring on the top. Eventually though, all aspects of each quilt are tested and checked.

How could I ever manage to get a quilt bound without all of this assistance?!!

Happy Feline Friday, Y'all!!

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