Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mini Quilts from 2013

I'm finally getting a chance to get caught up posting some of the small things I finished last year.  My definition of finished is being bound and ready to go ... not just quilted. I actually got several other quilts "done" last year ... as a matter of fact, my rack that holds them is full so this year may look like I've been extra productive as I get them bound.

Anyway these are mostly all wall hangings from Tara Lynn Darr's book Simply Charming. I love these little miniature quilts in her book.  I've still got a few more to make.  I love, love, love the little pieces. 

First up is "Juliana's Jewels":
Next is "Worn Old Clothes":
Then "Columbia's Vintage Charm":
Next "South for the Winter":
And ... "Hopscotch":
 The last little quilt was from the Temecula Quilt Shop. It's called "Blessing Baskets":
I'm excited to see what all I can get done this year.  I've decide not to make a list of goals for this year.  Last year I only completed one on my list of twelve.  This year I'm just going to keep going and see how many I can complete.  If I finish 12 or so that would be awesome ... and if not then there's always next year of course!

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