Sunday, December 28, 2014


I started my Omigosh! quilt.  Omigosh! is right!!  I must be absolutely crazy, but I've probably established that fact by now. 

And since this quilt is a bit crazy .... and plum crazy is my favorite color ... it's only fitting that this quilt is of course PURPLE!

I went ahead and bought a new die for my Accuquilt to cut the strips -- 1" strips.  Yes, finishing at 1/2"!!!

I spent some time cutting a few strips.  Aren't they pretty?  And then sewed some sets together to make 9 patches.
Next I assembled one of the double 9-patch blocks just to see what it looks like:
OMG!!  I'm so in love with this quilt!!  Those little itty bitty squares are just adorable! I only have to make 550 9-patches in order to assemble 110 of these little cuties.  The 9-patches finish at 1.5" and these blocks finish at 4.5" if my memory serves.

The other block in the quilt is a shoo fly block with 4-patches. I'm anxious to start those, but I'm going to wait until all of the double 9-patches are done. 

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