Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Birthday Gifts

While I was off at retreat, my Hubby went and did a little shopping for me for my birthday in the form of vintage sewing machines!  He picked up two little beauties for me and is currently working on restoring them both!

First off he got this one:
 This is a Good House Keeper machine.  The body is in pretty good shape, but the case has seen better days.  I'm going to re-cover the case with new fabric using decoupage.  The wiring was scary according to my Hubby, so it's currently being replaced.  I don't think this one will get repainted.  I kind of like the copper and ivory colors. 

The second is this one:

The cabinet is in decent shape.  It has a few water marks on the top.  The machine .... well it's not the prettiest machine I've ever seen.  It's kind of  battleship gray rough finish.  It would look industrial if it weren't in a wood cabinet like it is.  
I think this one will get painted.  The cabinet is stamped 1952.  The machine is a Free Westinghouse.  I'm not sure what color it wants to be yet. 

I'm super excited my husband wants to tinker with these old machines!  Now I just need a bigger sewing room to store them all!!

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