Monday, February 20, 2012

Takin' Her for a Test Drive

Not a lot of quilting activities going on today.  I started physical therapy today for my plantar faciitis and it's the first time a "massage" made me want to cry!  But, I survived and stopped by Joann's to get some "cheap fabric" for my test drive and some smaller spools of thread for the featherweight.  

When I got home, I cut out the next five blocks for my Farmer's Wife quilt.  Hats off to Marti Michell for giving us free directions to use her templates but sometimes I need just a little more detail.  She suggested a shortcut explained in one of her books to eliminate a seam, but I don't have the book and without the proper cutting dimensions, I just couldn't figure it out.  So I relented and cut the stupid half square triangles and will do it the hard way for me.

I got around to the test drive just a couple hours ago and I must say she sews like a dream!!

Strip Sewing
A Little Chain Piecing
The Final Blocks
I guess I'll go ahead and sew these into a blanket for the kitties.

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