Monday, November 19, 2012

Bee in My Bonnet Row Along

As if I don't have enough irons in the fire, I started this fun little quilt last Friday on Lori Holt's Blog.  My friend, Debbie has been cutting out the pieces each week for me.  I think they are on Row 6 and I'm on Row 1 ... I'll get caught up eventually.

First, my assistants for the day were 3 of my 4 cats: Nala, Keira and Khaleesi.



I'm not sure how I get anything done without them!!

I've never made 4-patches like this before ... but I diligently followed the directions and I have to say it was pretty darn efficient.  First you had to sew down BOTH sides of the squares.

Then you cut those all in half and pressed open.  Note my pressing stick .... since the finished size of these little squares is small, I elected to press my seams open.  This stick is like magic when doing that.  I highly recommend picking one up.  I found mine at my local quilt shop.

Pieces Cut in Half
Ironing Stick

Seams Ironed Open

Step 1 Results

Next, you had to sew all of these pieces in a chain like so:

Step 2 Results

Then you start cutting the chain apart first cutting 1.5" off of the front and then folding the piece over cutting at 1.5" again forming 4-patches. It's a really neat technique.

Step 3 Results

 Then I just had to sew them all together in one long row.  Row 1 complete!!

Row 1

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