Saturday, November 24, 2012

Easy Street Part 1

Today I finally got to start on Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery Quilt.  Our first assignment was to make 192 4-patches.  192 .... WOW.  That overwhelmed me to start with.  But today in just a matter of a few hours, I got all the strips cut and about half of the pairs sewn together.  I'm hoping I can finish tomorrow!  That would be better than I expected! 

Strips Waiting to be Sewn
I looked over while I was cutting and here's what I saw:

Nala Napping

My kitty, Nala, was sound asleep with her head by the heat registrar ... I guess she was cold!!  It didn't take long for my iron to heat up my sewing room though.  I actually broke a sweat by the time I stopped for dinner!


Half of the Pairs

My picture above is a little out of focus ... must of been the sweat!!  LOL

Pairs Ready for Sewing in to 4-Patches
So tomorrow hopefully I'll get all 192 done and be ready to start on Part 2 next weekend.  This is my first Mystery Quilt and I'm really excited about it!  I can't wait to see how it turns out!

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