Monday, November 12, 2012

Vintage Rouge

I've been doing the Vintage Rouge BOM in the form of class at Quilts by Phylis.  Jody Postalwait is teaching the class.  I'm probably the worst student in there.  I had my "homework" done for the first class but since then I haven't been prepared at all. 

Here's what the quilt looks like:

Vintage Rouge

Today I worked a little on getting caught up.  I prepared the embroidery blocks to take with me on a work trip this week and cut all the pieces to assemble those blocks in class this coming weekend.  I also did the center block and the 4 pieced blocks.  I'm hoping Friday to get the outer pinwheels done and maybe some of the applique if I get ultra ambitious.  I already had all of the "T" blocks done that form the stripe pattern.  I might finish it before Christmas ..... maybe.

Vintage Rouge in Progress

I got a little side tracked in all this and whipped up this little guy for my miniature quilt rack.  I just need to quilt it, bind it and sew a little button on for Tom's eye.  It won't take long.  Hopefully it will be done this coming weekend.  I found the pattern here:

Tom Turkey Mini Quilt


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