Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Success

My Thanksgiving dinner on Friday turned out fantastic.  This was the first time I prepared basically the whole meal.  I guess my Mom taught be well because I saw her eat more than I've seen her eat in years.  My cooking passed the test!  I truly enjoyed fixing the meal and even didn't mind so much cleaning up.  It was a great time with my Mom and In-laws. 

The night before I sat down to try to get the binding on my new table runner I made so I could use it on the table for our meal.  The pattern is called "Good Neighbor" and it's by Coach House Designs.  The fabric was mostly Coming Home by Deb Strain. 

Sewing Away
And of course I had help:

Khaleesi "Testing" the Runner
 But after carting this table runner around with me for literally months trying to get that last little bit of binding sewn down, I finally finished it and used it on our table for Thanksgiving Dinner:

Front of Good Neighbors
And since I made a fancy back for this one, here's a look at that:

Back of Good Neighbors

Maybe by next year I'll finish the Dresden turkey runner I started last fall!  Yay for UFOs!!!