Friday, February 8, 2013

Feline Friday

Last year my husband bought me an awesome sewing table and chair .....

Unfortunately this is the what that nice comfy chair looks like most of the time:

The minute I stand up she gets comfy on it and gets very grumpy if I try to move her.  So what to I get to sit on you might ask?

Kind of pales in comparison doesn't it??  Maybe I should at least make a cushion for the top of it!

All Hail Queen Nala!!

Happy  FELINE FRIDAY folks!!


  1. All Hail Queen Nala!!
    I wonder if she likes the warmth or the cushy-ness of your sewing chair? A cushion on the stool could be a good decoy.
    All Hail Queen Nala!!

  2. Queen Nala seems to have an air about her in the chair. No one dare take it from her! Her throne. Ha! Have a great day!
    Neighbors About Town Blog