Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Weekend Wrap Up

I love, love, love these extended weekends.  I've had time to do all kinds of things plus sew! Tomorrow back to reality though.

There was no sewing on Saturday.  Saturday was car shopping day.  I placed an order for a 2013 Plum Crazy Challenger to match my machine and my tattoo of course!  And in honor of buying a purple car, I give you my purple dog:

Mercedes had fun at the groomer.  It was supposed to be streaked, but apparently she isn't frou frou like her sister, Harley.  She DID NOT like the foils in her hair!  I think it's cute though.

Sunday I started getting ready for Jackson's Mill Quilt Retreat.  It's coming up fast!!  Nala assisted by inspecting my ironed fat quarters:

I got all of my fabric cut for both of the classes I signed up for.  Here's my Lucky Stars fabric:

It doesn't look like much ..... but it was 40 fat quarters. All I have left to do is string piece the twenty 4.5" center squares because I'm crazy that way.  I just didn't like them plain.  I also signed up for an Iron Caddy class.  It's just an afternoon class, but I already had the fabric and pattern sitting in the drawer so I figured it was a good opportunity to use it!

 And just for good measure I made Block 2 for the Civil War Sampler:

Block 2 -- Star of the West

Today was cleaning day, but I still got some sewing time in!  Here are my Unit 3s for Lazy Sunday:

And my Unit 4s:

And my Unit 5s:

I also got two more Civil War Sampler blocks done:

Block 3 -- Barbara Frietchie Star
Block 4 -- Catch Me If You Can
And last but not least, one more block for the Modern HST Quilt-a-Long:

Block 20 (?)
Oh and I got the binding sewn on one of the baby blankets so I could take it with me this week to stitch on while I'm in the car for work.

Next weekend I have that Shadowbox quilt class.  The instructor called tonight and gave more directions of things to have done.  Kind of short notice for me.  Had I known earlier today I could have done it, but now it may not happen before class.  I'm kind of wondering why she didn't call us on Friday or Saturday so those of us that work could have an opportunity to get it done.  It will all work out though.  It's an easy pattern.  I'm just taking the class so I can sit and sew with other quilters.  I love the company.

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  1. Sounds like a great three day weekend. So many fun projects going on, it must be hard to stop.