Friday, February 15, 2013

Feline Friday

Meet Neela:

Her official name (that's official, not registered, she's a proud pound kitty) is "Neela Rae of Sunshine" because well sometimes she just isn't!  She's our grumpy kitty and we love her to bits.  She would tell you that I'm fibbing about the grumpy part ..... because just look how cute and adorable she is:

How could that face be grumpy?

Happy Feline Friday, Y'all!!


  1. Yeah?! How could that face be grumpy? Give the belly a rub for me...unless she doesn't like belly rubs of course.

  2. What a beautiful cat! I love her name!

  3. Neela is adorable ... grumpy or no ... thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  4. Ok - I love her middle name!! My daughter's name is Nicole Rae...and my son is William Ray - both are my rays of sunshine too!! :)

  5. She is so pretty! Love her spots of white.